Wednesday, November 17, 2004

From The Gutless Pacifist
Fallujah in pictures
This is what war is all about, unlike the video game war we see on the news.

I suspect that at some point, conservative Christians in this country may need to reconsider the idea that God is on America's side in the war in Iraq.
From the site itself:

i believe the american people are decent and not without humanity. they have not seen what is being done in their name. maybe we don't live in a world that can do without war. i do know that people need to know what war means before they decide.

a lot of people have sent me pictures of september 11th. please stop. i lived in lower manhattan on 9/11. i've seen it in real life.
Blog member Dave McLaughlin was in the World Trade Center.

the people in these pictures are just as important as the men and women that died on september 11th. a mother who loses her child suffers the same no matter what her nationality might be. she doesn't want a lecture on politics or religion. she wants her son back.
Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.

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