Tuesday, November 16, 2004

From Mike Russell
Keillor: Born-agains should not have right to vote
Popular radio host says Christians' citizenship is really in heaven
Speaking in the aftermath of the presidential election, Democrat radio host Garrison Keillor says he is on a quest to take away the right of born-again Christians to vote, saying their citizenship is actually in heaven, not the United States.

Keillor, host of the popular National Public Radio show "A Prairie Home Companion," made the comments during a speech at Chicago's Rockefeller Memorial Chapel and during his radio monologue the Saturday after the election....

During the Chicago speech Nov. 3, Keillor described his reaction to the re-election of President Bush.

"I am a Democrat – it's no secret. I am a museum-quality Democrat," Keillor said. "Last night I spent my time crouched in a fetal position, rolling around and moaning in the dark."
MR: From lovely Lake Wobegon, heartwarming thoughts from the host of the pseudo-nostalgic "Prairie Home Companion." Of course, he's, uh, just kidding...isn't he? [End.]

I'm not happy about the election either, don't think much of WND and granted this is probably a scare piece for the Prots but considering the history of the 20th century, when the Soviet Union tried to stamp out the Church of Russia in nearly exactly the same way, even if Mr K is joking this can't be taken lightly.

Damn shame - I have and like Lake Wobegon Days and have heard live and like Peter Ostroushko's music. Really thought this condescending crap was beneath Keillor.

And, Mr K, if you really mean it, living down to every hateful image one can have of 'blue-staters' who hate heartland Americans and their sincere (if technically heretical) faith, I'll chip in to buy you a one-way ticket to Pyongyang, Minsk or somewhere in the Transdniester, where the Soviet Union lives on, товарищ. Бог простит тебя - God have mercy on you.

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