Friday, November 19, 2004

From Paul Goings
Ned Flanders syndrome - RC neocon version
PG: Is this not a perfect example of "I think I'm coveting my own wife?"

From EWTN's Q&A (see comments on EWTN here):

A few years ago I became a male altar server (at the age of 40) because there were never any altar servers scheduled for the Mass I attend. I serve 2-3 times a week, never more than one Mass/day.

Serving has become an indescribable joy in my life. For me it amplifies and focuses the Mass to an amazingly high level. It's simply an awesome experience (and I choose that word with care.)

The joy and nourishment I receive from serving at the altar has made me study the practice and history of altar serving, which in turn has further intensified the grace I feel from serving. My prayer life has also benefitted from my serving, as well as my knowledge of the faith and the number of Masses I attend.

I'm beginning to feel however that serving has become almost an addicition of sorts. That perhaps too much of my faith rests on my serving during the Mass. The thought of quitting leaves me with a bit of a depressed feeling, but I think it might be the right thing to do.

Do you think an adult should continue to serve (I doubt I would be replaced) in my case? Have you heard of other adults in my situation? Were they able to wean themselves from serving?

Could you offer some advice on how to find other activities within the Church that might help to keep my faith and prayer life at the high levels they are today?

I discussed this with my pastor, but his eyes glaze over and he simply says "use your best judgement." Thank you so much.
Revd Lovejoy in his patented world-weary voice, like Billy Graham on downers: 'Why don't you try another world religion, Ned? They're all pretty much the same...'

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