Friday, November 19, 2004

The latest TV scandal in the States
The ‘Monday Night Football’ incident
Yes, yes, I know, near occasion of sin and all that, but 1) I understand they didn't actually show anything, 2) can't you take a joke? and 3) it almost makes me regret not watching football. Nicollette Sheridan is still hot after all these years. The stuff about race is bosh.

On a lighter note:

Rude ‘Rainbow’
Racy, very clever and yes, very funny (but not for the easily offended) without actually doing or showing anything! This was staged and filmed as a joke by the cast and crew for a Christmas contest with other shows and was written by the man doing the voices of the puppets. I wonder how many takes the team needed to get through this without laughing. To put it in Stateside terms it's got about as much innuendo flying around as three episodes (in one short, super-concentrated dose) of ‘Three’s Company’, which makes sense as that was copied from a British show, ‘Man About the House’. ‘Rainbow’, BTW, was ITV’s attempt to copy ‘Sesame Street’.

So let’s sing the plucking song!

And in the news from Russia, in Russian:

Ballerina in controversial scene in new movie
Again, definitely not for the easily offended.

Мое мнение об Анастасии Волочкове: она — красавица (это значит: smokin’). But the pics lose their punch because of, sorry, that ugly dude slobbering all over her. He's supposed to be Pushkin but it looks more like 'Beauty and the Beast, Uncut!' The film is titled The Black Prince (правильно князь, не немецкое слово принц, да?) and no, I'm not saying this because Pushkin was black - the actor (Levani Uchanishvili, incidentally obviously a Georgian) as made up to play him really doesn't look cut out for love scenes!

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