Friday, November 19, 2004

The Lego church
Hmm. Looks a lot like Robert Schuller's Crystal Cathedral except for the massive crucifix.


A Byzantine Rite pontifical Divine Liturgy done in Lego
And 'learning by playing'/re-enacting... nothing wrong with that; I've met at least two priests whose vocations got started that way along with being an altar boy at the real Mass of course. The play Liturgy also reminds one of the mediæval Western custom of the boy bishop (chosen from among the cathedral-school choristers?) once a year.

(Thomas Day notes this too: how in the good old days many Catholic lads would set up their own versions of altars on their night-tables - like the young Colin Stephenson and his barn shrine! - and how today we can be fairly sure boys don't put chairs behind the tables and pretend to be 'presiders'.)

Otherwise the page is like reading Adrian Fortescue's ceremonial directions, a 1930s copy of which I just got, but with the Lego model (like a military model or football chart showing how clergy and altar boys are 'deployed' in different parts of the service) instead of his diagrams.

There must be a complete Byzantine Rite equivalent somewhere.

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