Friday, November 19, 2004

LRC pick
In defence of beauty pageants
They're often silly and dated - if you want to see something funny bordering on painful watch clips of the Miss America pageant trying to be hip (yeah, right, it's a scholarship contest) - but Wendy McElroy is right: praise beauty, don't pathologize it!

To John Rawls, naturally beautiful people are akin to those born rich or with perfect health; they have won "the social lottery." That is, they've benefited from random luck, which they did not earn or deserve. His theory has been used to justify the redistribution of wealth and power in society.
Hot women (and men) prove the big fella in the sky is no communist, LOL.

The feminist contention that beauty contests are unfair to the average woman has a Rawlsian ring. It also sounds like envy.

Wrap the envy in sophistry and you've got righteous-sounding PCness. Just like you can wrap racism in it and get 'concern about population growth and its effect on the environment', or the pro-murder movement.

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