Saturday, November 20, 2004

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Death to Iraqis, not to foxes?
To be fair, most English people oppose the immoral war in Iraq but this recent bill brings up a couple of issues: the anti-human bent of the looney fringe of the environmentalists (real environmentalism - conservation and good stewardship/husbandry of God's creation, including being against cruelty to animals - goes along with this blog's granola conservatism) and, as P.J. O'Rourke put it so well, a cold-hearted atheist can be in favour of both killing an 'inconvenient' baby and executing a criminal, a religious person might oppose both (we hold to the Catholic view that some crimes do forfeit a man's right to live* but like Pope John Paul II and almost like the 'seamless garment' believe death sentences should be exceedingly rare) but it must take a lot of 'therapy' (mind-twisting, brainwashing) to come to the liberal POV on these issues.

Real American history
The book also tells the little-known story of Operation Keelhaul, in which the West sent at least a million Russian POWs back to Stalin and certain death or enslavement. At Fort Dix, New Jersey, hundreds of Soviet POWs, who fought with all their strength when they learned that the American government was reneging on its promise not to send them back to the USSR, were drugged in order to calm them down enough for them to be shipped back.
We know:

...является отрад американской военной полиции. Все жуют жвачку... Приказывают: «Выходи добровольно, кто советский подданный». Мы сцепились за руки. О. Евгений стоял с крестом посредине ряда. Американцы начали избивать и хватать людей. О. Евгению выбили все зубы и погнули крест. Ирину избили всю, мне прикладом так ударили, что до сих пор отметила. Помню семью Закревского. Отец спускал ребеночка с окна церкви на землю, а солдат военной полиции прострелил ему спину. Шесть человек выбросились с пятого этажа на каменную лестницу. Люди резали себе вены, вешались. Стали, как дрова, грузить людей в грузовики. Повезли. Погрузили нас в вагоны для скота.
- Z.I. Peters, survivor (translation)

*For example, if whoever shot Margaret Hassan ever are caught.

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