Wednesday, November 24, 2004

More on the late Gerard Serafin Bugge
When I read his last blog entries this thought strikes me. Not only did he rebuild his ministry by becoming a lay blogger, but, though he didn’t have much by today’s secular standards, in things that really matter he had a lot:

No man is a failure who has friends.
- It’s a Wonderful Life

Gerard had a happy death, right after travelling and spending time with, and being surrounded in the end by, family and friends who loved him.

I dare say he had a holy death as well.

Given that I’m fast approaching 40 and not married nor having family, and, what with Asperger syndrome (and my having to live with its effects on the first three decades of my time here, even though I don’t suffer from it nearly as much as when I was a kid), meaning I may never have those things, I can only hope for something that good.

And, as I wrote brother blogger David Alexander, despite all my historical differences with the man, only some of which I can repeat here - our battles over Vatican II, Fr Malachi Martin and the treatment of Eastern Christians in online fora - as far as the essentials of the Catholic faith go, creed, sacrament and the apostolic ministry (including being against the attempted ordination of women), Gerard was sound as a pound as well as sincerely joyful about them.

Maybe, as has been suggested by Fr Anthony Nelson and others, the serious illness he suffered in his last years was a cleansing penance. (As you can suss from Father, himself not the gentlest of men, the man’s conduct online before that crisis could be far from perfect.)

At the end of the day I’ll miss him.

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