Wednesday, November 24, 2004

From an advert for New Oxford Review in The Latin Mass (chock full of good stuff this month):

Liberal Catholicism’s gift to the church: pædophile and homosexual priests

NOR aren’t without their probs. Of the Novus Ordo neocon persuasion, they ran a doubtless well-intended article criticizing the Eastern Orthodox that 1) used shoddy journalism in that the author didn’t join and leave, and therefore wasn’t talking about, a real Orthodox church and 2) used anti-traditional arguments (showing how ‘backward’ and ‘rigid’ those Orthodox are) that easily can be used to bite them in the ass - the same arguments liberals in general (like the quislings running things in NOR’s communion) use against all the Catholic-minded, including, erm, good high-church Byzantine Catholics, but it seems such simply aren’t on NOR’s radar. (As friend Brendan Ross would say, Protestants are these folks’ designated other.) And when I wrote to them pointing these things out, my letter was rewritten and printed so that in some cases it said the opposite of what I meant. Snakes.

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