Thursday, November 25, 2004

Some thoughts for American Thanksgiving
HM Dominion of Canada celebrated last month and LRC’s blog points out that not only did the Spanish first colonize North America but they also celebrated the first Thanksgiving. What’s more, among the English, Anglican churchmen in Virginia celebrated something like it before the dissenting Puritans did in Massachusetts.

Anyway, Dave Brown e-mailed me something from Gerard Serafin Bugge’s site that is from the Orthodox tradition:

Glory to God for all things (audio)
That expression, За все слава Богу, is printed at the very end of Russian Orthodox prayer books and this is an akathist by an Orthodox cleric, either Metropolitan Tryphon or Fr Gregory Petrov, in the 1930s

From Julian of Norwich
Interestingly, the late Fr John Rotelle, whom I met and who compiled this book of readings I’ve used every day for four years, assigned this quotation to this very date.

‘We Gather Together’ (warning: loud MIDI music)
A fine Dutch hymn

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