Friday, November 19, 2004

Vatican seminar on Eastern Catholic churches
I assume not just the Byzantine Rite ones
In 1964, Ukrainian and Romanian Catholics were still facing brutal Communist persecution; today they are thriving under their newfound freedom.
I understand the Ukrainian one is the biggest Eastern Catholic church and that before World War II the Romanian one was big (up to 20%) compared to the country's general population, which is Orthodox, and that relations with the Orthodox there were unusually friendly for Eastern Europe - the two village priests would absolve each other's wives. The Communists ruined all that by banning the Byzantine Catholics and giving their churches to the Orthodox. The Ukrainian Catholic situation was completely different - as they were/are in old Polish Galicia, there were next to no Orthodox there until the USSR annexed them, banned their church and gave the buildings to the then-Soviet client Church of Russia.

At the same time, the immigration of Eastern-rite Catholics into the Western world has caused new challenges, as the Eastern churches struggle to maintain their traditions in countries where they comprise only a small minority of the Catholic population.
True if something that started 100-150 years ago is 'new', which I reckon it is in the eyes of the church! That's what the John Ireland (he started it)-Alexis Toth (1890s-1910) and Cum data fuerit/Orestes Chornock (1930s) schisms in coal-mine and steel-mill America were all about.

If "...Eastern churches should carefully preserve their own identity, their liturgical and spiritual traditions. "? Why are they so privileged? Why can't we of the West keep ours? Why do our Bishops (and most appointed by this Pope) show such vehement, zero tolerance for the Tridentine liturgy? Why do our Bishops show such visious hostility to our musical (organ, chant, polyphony), devotional (rosary, stations, saints, etc.), and Latin language traditions?
Good point - I too have seen this double standard for a long time. If you ask that question on a certain unofficial BC message board you'll get run off for your trouble.

We will have unity with the Orthodox world if we just keep praying for JPII's efforts. Once the Orthodox are again in the fold, let's hope their "orthodoxy" helps keep the Roman Church on the path of tradition and away from Secular Humanist theology that many suggest today.
Like I've said online since 1999, 'saving medicine for the whole church'. But that's not how things have worked out really over 400 years for the Byzantine Catholics.

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