Sunday, December 12, 2004

The apostolic ministry in action
The Inn at the End of the World
Fatwa on ‘Frosty’
Diocese of Kerry bans secular song from churches

Quite right, as is John’s remark:

The good news is that they’ve done it; the bad news is that it needed to be done at all.
Can’t see good old Fr McAnally in Ballykissangel (which used to be the TV name of the village of Avoca — don’t know which diocese or county it’s in) tolerating that to begin with.

Avoca BTW has a beautiful almost intact 19th-century-looking neo-Gothic parish church.

Speaking of ‘Bally-K’, the girl who played Niamh was the loveliest, more so than the one who played village atheist Assumpta Fitzgerald in the early series (and AFAIK yes, in real life dated the actor who played Fr Peter Clifford). And I learnt from it that Niamh is pronounced ‘Neeve’.

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