Saturday, December 18, 2004

Eastern churches
Serbian Orthodox harassed by government in Kosovo
Monastery ordered not to rebuild by KFOR as it might ‘irritate’ the Albanians — stuff that for a lark

Mediæval miracle icon owned by Russian Church Abroad visits neighbouring St Nicholas Cathedral in New York
I’ve seen the icon and have been to St Nicholas’, the New York cathedral the Tsar built around the turn of the last century, several times for services with a congregation of Russian expats. (Bishop Merkury is a nice man — a pædiatrician before he became a bishop.) The Russian diocese of New York lost St N’s in a court case, I think in the 1920s, to the Soviet-puppet ‘Living Church’ (who tried to do a Vatican II number to Russian Orthodoxy and resoundingly failed), which is why it remained the property of the Church of Russia. In Soviet times the FBI or the CIA used to stake out the place hiding in the houses across the street, keeping it under surveillance — in a way understandable but it seems too obvious a place for Commie spies. That all seems to be water under the bridge now. The Russian diocese ended up starting anew around 1943 in the East Side at Protection Cathedral in what I think used to be an Episcopal church — this and the other Russian dioceses are now the OCA and the cathedral serves Georgian immigrants.

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