Monday, December 20, 2004

From blog member Samer al-Batal
Robert Fisk asks:

Who killed Baha Mousa?

From Baghdad Burning:

The two latest entries by ‘the girl blogger from Iraq’:

Fuel shortage...

...and electricity, elections, borders, and destruction.

People are wondering how America and gang (i.e. Iyad Allawi, etc.) are going to implement democracy in all of this chaos when they can't seem to get the gasoline flowing in a country that virtually swims in oil.

We're also watching the election lists closely. Most people I've talked to aren't going to go to elections. It's simply too dangerous and there's a sense that nothing is going to be achieved anyway. The lists are more or less composed of people affiliated with the very same political parties whose leaders rode in on American tanks. Then you have a handful of tribal sheikhs. Yes- tribal sheikhs. Our country is going to be led by members of religious parties and tribal sheikhs- can anyone say Afghanistan? What's even more irritating is that election lists have to be checked and confirmed by none other than Sistani!! Sistani - the Iranian religious cleric. So basically, this war helped us make a transition from a secular country being run by a dictator to a chaotic country being run by a group of religious clerics. Now, can anyone say 'theocracy in sheep's clothing'?
S al-B: Sistani is a smart and skilled diplomat and influential figure, and one would do good to keep a constant eye on him in the press.

Christmas wishlist...
S al-B: What Iraqis want for Christmas.
When Santa delivers please make sure he is wearing a bullet-proof vest and helmet.
I don't think our good ukht has received word, but in a manner of speaking, Christmas has been cancelled this year.

A dark Christmas in Iraq
After a painful year of church bombings, death threats and assassinations, Iraq's 800,000 Christians have all but canceled Christmas.

Some churches will also forgo Christmas Eve Mass, a step unheard of even during Saddam Hussein's regime.

{Father} Haddad, who will keep his church open for Christmas services, said the hard times would encourage Christians to reflect on the religious significance of the holiday, rather than focus on gifts and parties. His Christmas Eve sermon — for those who show up to hear it — will draw parallels between the U.S. occupation of Iraq and the Roman occupation of Jerusalem during the time of Jesus Christ, a message he said he hoped would inspire worshipers. {sic}
Samer’s LRC pick
West has bloodied hands
S al-B: Who was the first high government official to authorize use of mustard gas against rebellious Kurdish tribesmen in Iraq? Not whom you think, says Eric Margolis.

And Ba`thist Iraq's greatest crime?

Not the first answer that comes to mind: the war with Iran - and Iraq was not the only guilty player.

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