Tuesday, December 21, 2004

From David Virtue
Reality of TV: it slams religion
Catholicism is in the bull’s-eye of the entertainment media.
- Brent Bozell

That’s not self-pity, people — it’s reality. The name of the game today and in future is marytrdom.

Bishops, bishops and more bishops
Related to the above:

Extra-mural Anglicans love bishops and they keep on consecrating them so that often a bishop does not have more than a few hundred people in his diocese.
I know that here Dr Toon ironically agrees with some of my friends, intending to criticize the Continuum, but in future, in a possible scenario where Catholics actually go underground, not dramatizing self-pity but really, fearfully go into hiding, such might not be a bad way to be: C21 taking a cue from C1 with small cells under bishops. Also, as I’ve written elsewhere, to learn how to do this a good model to study of a Catholic church in these straits — and not ‘early church’ either but one with a fully developed rite — is the Ukrainian Catholic Church when its homeland of old Polish Galicia was under Soviet rule.

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