Monday, December 13, 2004

From Drake Adams
An outside-the-box take on ‘Christianity v. Islam’
From an Israeli convert to Greek Orthodoxy. I like it, except of course Islam is to Eastern Christianity as Mormonism* is to Protestantism, an offshoot that went beyond heresy to apostasy and thus is a non-Christian faith (though the Mormons, like the 19th-century Protestants whence they came, claim they’re the refounded true Christian faith). Dalrymple has written about this and friend Brendan Ross has observed that Islam has taken lots from the Christian East — the prostrations and even the mosque, a de-icon’d stolen Eastern Christian church. (Although Islam took from the Assyrian Church, whose rite is older than Byzantine iconography.)

Christmas decorations and services at Unitarian churches: uh, why?

*LDS = 19th-century Protestantism on LSD

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