Friday, December 10, 2004

On the box
The jokes are horrible but the execs seem to have figured out the only reason people watch this show other than out of habit from watching ‘Friends’ is mid-level adorable Andrea Anders. (Drea de Matteo leaves me cold.) I (and they must) reckon she’s a ratings-magnet so they’re dressing her accordingly. I’m not complaining.

Matt LeBlanc essentially has inherited Tony Danza’s good-hearted dope routine. I think he’d work better playing somebody less like Joey and more like himself — a working-class ethnic French guy from Massachusetts. Of course Andrea can stay on after the retooling, even though she hasn’t got that accent.

Speaking of Massachusetts, which I got to know a little bit when I was doing a lot of driving to Maine five years ago, The Perfect Storm is worth seeing: good writing, good acting, good effects, a story for weather junkies like me and the girls have got George Clooney (who perhaps wisely didn’t try on the accent) to look at.

Business Bitches ‘The Apprentice’
Sandy’s now gone so there’s no more reason for me to watch other than to have a semi-interesting glimpse (sure, in cartoon form) of that world, as is that new hardcover book from Carolyn whatshername.

That Pepsi bottle with the two globes was one of the dumbest things I’ve seen.

P.S. My favourite seventh Friend? There are three: Richard (Tom Selleck), Emily (Helen Baxendale) and Charlie (?). Maybe Richard and Emily can get together...

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