Sunday, December 12, 2004

Who I’m listening to
October Project revisited
At Marina Belica’s birthday concert late last night — 10 years after I first was smitten with her on a riverside outdoor stage, where I was among an audience of about 40,000, she is still one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met as well as a talented singer, songwriter and pianist. С днём рождения, Марина! Многая лета. (An ethnic Slovak, she studied Russian but doesn’t use it much while I use it but haven’t taken courses in it, so it balances out when we talk, LOL.)

Back when e-mail was a novelty to the mainstream and OP had a different lead singer and were on a big record label there was the ‘OPus’ e-mail list and chat in which nine years ago I got to welcome into the world Julian Emil Adler, now the articulate fellow I talked to a bit last night about how boring and unfair some sports can be (we’re not kickball fans really) and looking cool decked out in an official black concert ‘SECURITY’ T-shirt.

Composer Emil Adler and poet/lyricist Julie Flanders (Julian’s parents) have written some of the best pop songs I’ve ever heard. I understand a full-length album should be out next year.

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