Friday, January 14, 2005

Asperger syndrome
Mind games
A lovely older lady where I work, whom I told all about AS (no, I didn’t deliver an AS-style monologue — we usually talk about politics) and my probably having it, told me something this week that gave me more insight. Knowing what she does, she saw me walking past her in the street one day, started to say hello but then decided to do a little experiment, keeping quiet and seeing if I’d spot her walking right past me. I didn’t! I was ‘on another planet’, ‘zoned out’ (considering it was after midday I was probably thinking ‘must... get... food...’). Normal people scan the environment without even thinking about it and spot familiar people, etc. I have to consciously do it. Fascinating! And potentially dangerous of course because of traffic, thieves in the city, etc. God watches out for children and fools... and sometimes the differently brained. I wasn’t doing it then because I work in a safe suburb not in the city, it was broad daylight, I wasn’t crossing the street, etc.

National Autistic Society (UK)
You can read a page there about AS in Welsh!

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