Saturday, January 22, 2005

Ethical questions
A new form of journalism

RSS works
Syndication seems to have nearly doubled our hits, which weren’t bad to begin with — thanks! There seems to be a slump this morning because of both the weekend and perhaps the big snowstorm in the eastern US. Speaking of which...

It’s bloody cold
A friend fixed my central heating but I woke up this morning to find my front room about 20 degrees F colder than my kitchen/office/bedroom, thanks to the godawful neighbours* upstairs who on the coldest night of the season so far (0 degrees F) left the front door to the house, opening to the vestibule and corridor next to my front room, open all night. Brilliant, people, brilliant.

*To forestall the question ‘Why not talk to them about it?’ they’re dangerous as in violent. The police have been here twice to break up fights among them. And I checked twice last night to prevent just this disaster (the door, not the fights!) from happening. The trouble is they’re in and out at all hours.

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