Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Catholic faith
From Fr James Tucker

Lord Acton
Seems classical Liberal like this blog, neither modern liberal nor Modernist and perhaps more faithful to tradition in the long run. The successors of the Manning types are the Novus Ordo religious neocons such as the charismaniacs now on the wane.

Images: iconic v. didactic
Ideas from the great Eamon Duffy. I see this Protestant didacticism/dislike of iconic images today in mainstream RC churches (at least the last time I was at a service in one, over four years ago).

From The Liberal Protestant Century
Another article on Eastern Orthodoxy
Says a lot of good things about a holistic approach: authentically Catholic. The World Council of Churches wasn’t a bad thing when the Eastern Orthodox first got involved in it. It was Christian theologically and a chance to witness to Protestants. Today it’s a waste of time and now that the Iron Curtain is gone the Orthodox don’t need it to talk to each other or to the West.

But if mainline Protestantism has adopted parts of Eastern Orthodox theology I think it’s like their adoption of liturgical stuff. In a part of my job, as an occasional religion writer, I’ve seen more than one mainline minister’s office with icons on the wall (but without candles, oil lamps or censers in front of them): such is hip right now. It’s not that they’ve become Catholic but rather it’s liberal condescension, belief in nothing therefore everything.

IOW they’re as un-Catholic as they were when they bought into John Calvin and if they have adopted parts of Eastern Orthodoxy they’ve got f*ck-all to show for it.

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