Monday, January 31, 2005

Conservatives against Bush and the war now noticed by mainstream press

Reconsidering Private Slovik
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Eddie Slovik, executed 60 years ago today, officially the only US soldier shot for desertion since the Civil War

In 1942 Slovik was classified 4-F, unfit because of his criminal record (petty theft and joyriding). As Allied casualties mounted in Europe, however, the military began casting a wide net for replacements. Slovik was reclassified and inducted into the Army on Jan. 3, 1944.

At basic training at Camp Wolters, Texas, it became clear that he would embody none of the heroism for which his generation is remembered. He was 5-foot-6 and skinny, and had trouble walking because of childhood operations to straighten his bowed legs... More debilitating, he abhorred violence. The booms of heavy artillery terrified him... Slovik showed ‘total inability as a combat soldier’, Col. Arnold Shaw, his commander, once wrote.
They sent a disabled man to the front!

LRC is right — he was set up and scapegoated. Slovik obviously never should have been in the Army let alone in combat.

And no doubt many Europeans liberated by the Allies also liked Ike – many Europeans except those Russian prisoners of war sent back to the Soviet Union.
A lot like these Russians, some of whom I know.

And was it so important that 292,131 American soldiers had to die so that the Communists could control Eastern Europe for forty-five years while the United States wasted billions of dollars fighting the Cold War? Our alliance with Stalin and the USSR during World War II was unconscionable.

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