Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dog bites man, or let’s bait Morris Dees
Holocaust milked
As it will be until the second coming of the Messiah. Oh, yes, there was that unpleasantness with 20M Russians, right? I reckon that like the Gypsies they’re among the also-rans in the monopoly on suffering. As are the Palestinians.

Hard to believe that 50+ years on and after all the Cold War propaganda in which the West 180’d on the USSR, Uncle Joe still gets a pass. The John Birch Society have a point: where are the multimillion-dollar museum and the black-tie gala so people ‘never forget’ this?

On that note Fr James Tucker says:

I'll take seriously the Europeans who want to ban the swastika once they start talking about banning the sickle and hammer, too. (Fat chance of that.)

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