Friday, January 28, 2005

From David’s Daily Diversions
A hard look at crime in Britain
Brits like to characterise America as a violent lawless place
I remember. Considering that there have been two shootings (one fatal) within yards of my house in a few years I can see why. However...

so unlike these gentle shores, populated with the sensible people sharing enlightened Euro-values.
The thing is those enlightened Euro-values were nicked and distorted from the Catholic faith. Take away grace and you get tyranny.

Violent crime is up by six percent. No big surprise there. This is a violent country. People used to just beat the crap out of each other, but since the Government took away all the guns in their first year in power, gun crime has steadily risen. Firearms offences rose by another five percent last year to 10,670.
Score one for America’s Second Amendment. BTW, Drake Adams notes that the neocons are now, erm, metaphorically shooting their gun-owner supporters in the back.

There has not been sufficient working together between communities themselves, police and the alcohol industry themselves to ensure people behave in a responsible way.
Sounds like the bullshit on TV in the States where Philip Morris pretend they want to help people quit smoking and prevent kids from starting, which would put them out of business. BTW, see The Insider with Russell Crowe.

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