Sunday, January 16, 2005

From Evangelical Protestantism Christianity Today
Evos rediscover liturgical worship and mysticism
Say "liturgy" and my evangelical college students have a reflex akin to an invitation to take a quiz. Say "mysticism" and they are drawn, fascinated, eager to see what I mean. They want spontaneity yet drift toward the Episcopal church. They carry NIV study Bibles but are intrigued by experiments in prayer, Christian meditation, spiritual disciplines honed in the medieval world, and candlelit sanctuaries. Some play the Chant CD endlessly. Os Guinness, Saint Teresa of Avila, and Richard Foster might all inhabit the same book bag.
Foster’s good.

Both these people and the neo-pagans* have a lot of potential.

Not only have a number of these people re-created Anglicanism but of course the Eastern Orthodox convert boomlet blogged about yesterday is a part of this phenom.

*Again, if I were 16, didn’t know better and were given only mainline churches and being a goth as choices, I’d be a goth! They’re shoring up fragments against their ruins to quote T.S. Eliot (an Anglo-Catholic), distorting bits of the Catholic religion they don’t understand. Rather like the Samaritans in biblical times (they’re still in Palestine but very small).

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