Saturday, January 22, 2005

From Fiat Mihi
Are you a nerd*?
I got a score of 49 per cent, FWIW.

Kerygma (Lee Nelson)
Coincidence? Not
Seems somebody did a quality test of condoms and the worst was the ‘free’ one from Planned Parenthood

As the rude song goes (to the tune of ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean’):

My father, he gives out the condoms
My brother sticks them with a pin
My mother, she does the abortions
My God, how the money rolls in.
Be sure to read the comments box under Lee’s entry — somebody points out the racialist history of the organization.

BTW, Hilary in Fiat Mihi mentions the big US March for Life coming up next week in DC. Well-meant, of course, as abortion is evil, as this blog makes clear. And of course common prayer for a good cause isn’t bad. But like voting for neocons does nothing to stop it while only enabling them to murder more Iraqis, I’ve come to the conclusion that the event, really one ‘GIANT NOVUS ORDOPALOOZA concelebrated neo-con** fest’ as Hilary says of one religious service planned for it, only serves as a way for people of that kind to identify with and congratulate each other for being such righteous fellows.

Catholics have the (non-NO of course) Mass and office of whatever rite — those keep us together, march or no march.

Ecclesia Anglicana
Taylor Marshall has moved to a new domain name

*Anorak, trainspotter, boffin

**Like this ding-dong. To be fair, in the past he’s had some good things to say. In his 1970s book The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics he’s quasi-Catholic in his description of a McGovern campaign staffer bombing with Slavic-American steelworkers, men who looked like his relatives, because she wore a big pro-abortion button. (That was before Vatican II worked its magic and such people were still catechized.) Much like the Democrats blew it last year. They don’t know how to talk to red-staters and don’t care. Bush is a humbug but may be people-smart: when he starts ‘talkin’ country’ and pouring on the religious rhetoric (got from Billy Graham for example) they eat out of his hand... as he sends them to kill and get killed in Iraq.

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