Sunday, January 16, 2005

From The Gaelic Starover
Amazing tsunami pic (not real, though)

It’s only Photoshop magic as Snopes and friend Charley Wingate told me. It’s still an impressive artist’s rendition.


One of New York’s three Russian Orthodox cathedrals (see yesterday’s entries for that story) to hold benefit concert for tsunami relief
To add to yesterday’s history lesson a bit, unlike in San Francisco, the old Russian diocese in NYC hasn’t got its onion-domed old cathedral (built for them by Tsar Nicholas II!) — it lost it to the Soviets in a 1920s court case! So it passed on to the Church of Russia (the bishop the Soviets started sending after WWII). (Government types used to spy on the place.) The American diocese started over again in the 1940s and set up its cathedral in the place Daithí refers to, in a Gothic secondhand church on the Lower East Side. Then when ROCOR moved to the city, thinking the American sees were being insubordinate to them, they eventually set up house (cathedral, bishop’s palace and chancery) in an old mansion near Park Avenue (and only a few blocks south of the old cathedral).

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