Saturday, January 29, 2005

From truthout
The Independent: Is the world safer now?
Who are the insurgents and are they linked to al-Qa’ida?

There is no single resistance movement. It is made up of different groups - many of which only operate in a single district. The U.S. has sought to portray the insurgents as consisting of either foreign fighters or bloodthirsty Islamic fanatics, though U.S. military intelligence admits that 95 per cent of fighters are Iraqi.
The answer to the second part of the question is no but:

American denunciations meant local groups began to call themselves al-Qa’ida.

Do Iraqis feel liberated?
No, on which they are correct, and:

Many of them this week referred to the election as "a movie" staged for the benefit of the outside world.

Coalition pull-out from Iraq gathers pace
The move has been backed by incoming President Viktor Yushchenko [of the Ukraine], who campaigned on a promise to bring the troops home.
Why he was the better man after all.

Editorial on the columnist-Bush payola scandal
As reported in The Gaelic Starover

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