Saturday, January 15, 2005

LRC picks
Placemen, sinecurists and fundholders
The hypocrisy of government charity

On that note blog member John Boyden has sent this article, from which I quote:

In the pages of pro-government Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, columnist Salah Montasser scoffed that America's initial allocation of $15 million "is less than what America spends every minute in its war in Iraq."
And David Virtue* notes liberal hypocrisy: one conservative (still Christian if not Catholic) Episcopal church in the American South has sent an amazing amount of money to tsunami relief compared to both the national church (in the form of their HQ in New York) and a tony mainstream Wall Street parish:

TSUNAMI RELIEF UPDATE. In the amazing world of Episcopal generosity, a church that bleeds "peace and justice" for gays who insist on having anal sex**; women's ministries types who want to morph the bread and wine into twinkies and apple juice, comes word that the national headquarters (Episcopal Relief and Development) is giving (hold your breath) $250,000 for tsunami relief! WOW. And that's not all. Trinity Wall Street, the richest church on earth with more real estate holdings than Arafat's bank account is giving a massive $100,000! (Even on a matching grant basis it is a piddling amount of money). VirtueOnline has board members who could write out checks for those amounts (and probably have).

By contrast the newly formed Anglican Relief and Development Fund (ARDF), the relief arm of the Anglican Communion Network, has taken in nearly $100,000 in ten days, their executive assistant told VirtueOnline! And that's just for openers. When it is all over that figure could be five times that amount! The liberals bleed about giving money, usually other people's money; the orthodox quietly open their checkbooks and do it.

And to cap it off St. Helena's, an orthodox parish in SC, announced a $50,000 gift to ARDF to help tsunami victims this week. And this parish has zero holdings compared to Trinity Wall Street.
It was C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape who preferred PC hot air to actual charity, who cursed the ‘sentimental’ English who in spite of war fever might offer a cuppa to a German who showed up in need.

Sorry, Basil Fawlty, but we’re going to talk about the war (but not lose it like you did!) if only for a moment with another LRC pick from The Times:

Harry hysteria
Essentially my non-PC reaction at first. As I mentioned yesterday, the English who lived through the Blitz and missile attacks feel somewhat differently. (Kudos for mentioning the heroism of Rommel, a career soldier and non-Nazi who died opposing Hitler.)

*Who is 180 us regarding Palestine (where ECUSA’s right for a change) and Mr Bush’s handlers’ war.

**This blog always tries to be fair. They don’t all do that.

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