Monday, January 31, 2005

LRC picks
Reporting the war
Usually journalists turn against wars. Why? ... It is not because they are Commies. It is because they are there. After a few weeks on the ground, you will find yourself acquiring pronounced opinions about things. This is inevitable. No one short of a diagnosable psychopath remains emotionally remote.

Without profound ideological commitment, you will come to loathe the military command. This will happen regardless of whether you think the particular war necessary. The military lies, and lies, and lies.
Probably true but to be fair, friend John Treat notes that the generals know better, didn’t want this war and hate it.

Heroic Poland
Fighting both Nazism and Bolshevism, part of Catholic Europe that FDR betrayed

It was not Ronald Reagan who ended history’s most murderous political regime, Stalinism. That’s just a bunch of propaganda from the men Reagan made wealthy and powerful by building up his war machine. No, as predicted by a Polish-speaking Austrian Jew who grew up in heavily Polish Silesia – Ludwig von Mises – communism was doomed by its own contradictions; its inner rot. That inner collapse started in Poland, inspired by a man named Karol Józef Wojtyla and carried out by Lech Walesa and crew. The Poles always knew what a joke communism was: "They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work." – they would say.

The Soviets knew how stupid Western intellectuals, reporters and politicians were. They thought they could get away with this lie and they did get away with it for many years. The U.S. government helped. Thank you.

At least the Brits fought to free Poland. But that too was a disappointment as that legend in his own mind Churchill and his dupe Roosevelt sold Poland out to the devilish mass murderer Stalin. That’s right. Stalin, who along with his erstwhile buddy Hitler, started the war by invading Poland, ends up with Poland after, with FDR’s and Winston’s help. Talk about dumb! And it’s not that the West didn’t know what a bastard Stalin was.
A place where, even under Soviet occupation for 45 years, for most of that time the Communists were afraid to take down the crucifixes in schools.

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