Thursday, January 20, 2005

Slip-sliding away
After several days of wicked cold (in which I went ghetto and used the cooker to heat my kitchen/office) there was relief yesterday in the form of snow and ice, in which I quickly learnt to keep my car ‘на землю праву’ (Psalm 142/143), LOL, after my guardian angel kept me from getting hit by traffic after a hill rendered my Korean machine a hurtling two-ton sled. It slid again on a slight incline towards a man directing traffic, who must have nerves of steel ’cos he stayed at his post and didn’t run out of the way! Neither any people nor the car were hurt. Lord, have mercy!

Barbershop vibe
Been cutting my own hair with clippers since 1998 but I miss the atmosphere of the ‘old man’ barbershops I’d go to, often literally older men serving older customers in shops that were like stepping back in time, sometimes as far back as the 1950s or even earlier. Places with straight razors and straps where you could get an old-fashioned shave if you wanted one. (Obviously I didn’t!) The ‘You want highlights? Watch the news!’ kind of places and people.

One place even had one of those big clunky electric massagers you strap onto your hand with the motor on top. The barber would rub your shoulders with it when he was done cutting your hair. Nice.

The trouble was those guys often weren’t sure how to cut my hair right.

I give myself a haircut about once a month, maybe every month and a half.

Blogging lesson
Apparently you don’t need a cool domain name in the blogging game. I rent one but in the two days I’ve been tracking it through a special-event intro page, out of hundreds of hits a day (thanks!), of the traceable ones only about a tenth came to the blog that way!

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