Thursday, February 17, 2005

Anglican doings
Bishop David Moyer follow-up
• According to Archbishop John Hepworth (heard him in person) the rumour that his Traditional Anglican Communion has an offer to go under Rome, and without accepting certain dogmas like the Assumption, is false. (I was at the press conference with David Virtue and a few others.)
• Not only was Bishop Moyer consecrated but David Chislett from Australia was as well.
• The consecrators were Abp Hepworth and two sitting Anglican bishops, Ross Owen Davies of the Murray in Australia and Maternus Kapinga of Ruvuma, Tanzania.
• Bp Davies has licensed Bps Moyer and Chislett in his diocese.
• Œcumenical notes: As far as I could see there was no official RC presence but Bishop Basil (Losten) of Stamford of the Ukrainian Catholic Church sent the new bishops stoles, said Abp Hepworth after the service, and the Greek Orthodox (Antioch) metropolitan for America, Met. Philip, sent a priest observer.
• The service was too modern (Rosemont has altar girls for example) but still far better than the Novus Ordo — very like how I understand the Anglican Use RCs do things.
• IMO Abp Hepworth preaches very well.

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