Friday, February 25, 2005

At work
A news story:

A man busted selling 3.5 kilograms of cocaine in a shopping-center parking lot... will spend the next decade in prison before receiving a one-way ticket out of the country.

"His prior rehabilitation efforts have obviously been unsuccessful," A. said during the proceedings, "because he has continued a criminal lifestyle and drug use."
Paul Fussell would have a field day taking apart Mr A.’s word choices. I’ve dedicated my life to getting rid of such language from newsprint but of course I can’t doctor direct quotations. Alas.

"We want our citizens to know that we will use all available investigative resources to insure their safety and to catch criminals that prey on our residents," B. said in a statement released after the sentencing.
Well-worn libertarian point: Of course using cocaine is harmful but obviously there’s a demand for it: unlike thieves, rapists and murderers the ‘predators’ are in town because people including in nearby posh suburbs want to do business with them (to harm themselves, not others). Legalize drugs and drug trade-related violence would go away. (Like in the States when repealing Prohibition cut down the power of the Italian and Irish mafias.) Also the trade itself would become less lucrative.

Not everything that’s wrong can or should be outlawed: actually the historic Catholic view on prostitution!

P.S. In the 19th century cocaine was legal. A town chemist created Coca-Cola, so called because he used a product made from the coca plant. IOW it had cocaine in it and rumour has it that it still does — only a trace amount.

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