Sunday, February 27, 2005

Eastern churches
Serbian Bishop Artemije on ecumenism
As I blogged in Howling about Fátima’ they have a point regarding mainline Protestantism, the target of this statement.

Father Justin Popovich of blessed repose, who motivated others by his example, his words and his deeds, and inspired many to follow him. Fr. Justin succinctly expressed his Orthodox theological position on ecumenism in his well-known book The Orthodox Church and Ecumenism, first published in Thessaloniki in 1974. In this book, Fr. Justin gave a concise but comprehensive definition of ecumenism. According to him, "Ecumenism is a collective name for pseudo-Christianities, for the pseudo-Churches of Western Europe. All European humanisms, headed by Papism [sic], have given it their wholehearted support. And all these pseudo-Christianities, all these pseudo-Churches, are nothing other than a collection of heresies. Their common evangelical name is pan-heresy."

He inadvertently proved that the Catholic-minded, guided by the Holy Spirit, think alike and in so doing rather shows evidence of (to quote an acquaintance) a divine sense of humour because so-called ‘Papism’, through St Pius X, rightly says the same thing only (not incorrectly) calling it modernism:

... synthesis of all heresies.
I actually agree with the bishop that as the WCC is less and less Christian in its beliefs and unwilling to listen to the witness given by the Orthodox it is a waste of time for the Orthodox to be members of it.

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