Sunday, February 20, 2005

Egyptian baby girl has second head removed
Hmmm. What are the possible pro-life issues here? It seems like a tough one as the second head looked complete and was functioning in several ways. The deciding issue for the doctors was that it couldn’t have lived independently. Objectively I think it hangs on how sentient the head was — was it a whole brain or part of one? One or two people?

It’s not as clear-cut as with poor Rebeca Martinez, who died a year ago after having an incomplete second head removed.

The common-sense answer seems to be that it may have been the taking of a life but not a murder*, but how do you explain the difference to the pro-infanticide/euthanasia people?

And of course for little Manar Maged:

Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer.

*Like abortion to save the life of the mother, both allowed by the church and rightly legal everywhere before the 1960s, something the crossed-out coat-hanger people might not tell you.

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