Thursday, February 24, 2005

From BBC News
Extent of US abuse cases revealed
Lord, in Thy mercy: hear our prayer

Bush to Putin: back us or else
At least he’s trying to push around somebody who can and indeed might fight back, as awful* as Russia can be. Plus it’s amusing to see the disparity of talent here: Mr Putin, a former KGB man, can dance circles around Dubya like a Bolshoi production round a maypole.

The Kremlin's centralisation of power and curtailment of press freedom have caused concern in the US...

A senior administration official told journalists travelling with Mr Bush that Mr Putin had recently told the US president that the Russian people had a history of strong tsars, and that they were accustomed to government playing a strong role in their lives.

The official said President Bush had rejected that notion.
Да, конечно... как в Америке и тоже сейчас в Ираке?

I’ll just say it: you fucking hypocrite.

What Mr Bush’s handlers really mean is, ‘No, Mr Putin, we mean our government must play a strong role in your lives.’

*As meant by that wonderful word грозный, ‘terrible’ as in ‘Ivan the Terrible’, which means both ‘awesome’ and ‘horrible’. (Also the name of the capital of Chechnya.) Seems a pretty accurate description of the place. Again, a tip of the hat to Mark Bonocore: here is a Catholic culture where the extremely holy and the extremely evil are thrown together.

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