Sunday, February 13, 2005

From blog member Lee Penn
Stories about a religious-neocon RC hero
The kind the Perennial Rambler has described as ‘EWTN/JP-II-the-great-and-don’t-tell-me-otherwise-despite-the-obvious’. Their agenda can coincide with but is different to that of traditionalists who see the historical big picture and know the Catholic faith isn’t the personal cult of the Pope. But even the latter are not immune to the problems of fallen human nature as the third main link in this entry shows.

On the gay-priest scandal among the RCs, a subject of interest to Lee:

Good rhetoric
That the Bushites can play, and have:

...the archbishop stated clearly in a meeting held by the diocesan pro-life office, "When we go to vote, we must take into consideration all of the stands politicians make. But procured abortion, that has to be our first question.
Lee: Yeah, right. Torture, aggressive/pre-emptive war, looting Social Security, shredding the Bill of Rights, and transferring the wealth of the nation to the corporate class are all just "prudential judgment." Abortion, however, is DOCTRINAL. [End.]

Of course I see and partly agree with your point, Lee, but abortion is doctrinal and Social Security, not charity in general, a matter of prudential judgement (one on which my mentors at LRC say nay). I’ve written the position of this blog: in the last US election, for example, neither side would stop abortion so it cancels out as a deciding issue. I won’t be fooled again.

But here is why Lee reacts as he does:

Actual practice regarding the crimes

Sex-change nun? (more)
For those who thought this could only happen, as it has among the clergy more than once, in the Anglican Communion.

The vicar in a tutu
He’s not strange
He just wants to live his life this way...
- The Smiths

P.S. Dismissing conservatives and traditionalists as mental cases is a Soviet tactic that I understand is common in RC dioceses to weed out good ordinands.

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