Friday, February 18, 2005

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From friend Paul Goings

By Fr Christopher Cantrell

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To paraphrase George Santayana, he who becomes wedded to the spirit of the times will be a widower in the next generation:

From An Aid to Memory
The Lord ending up in that box
I’ve blogged about this story before.

Hank Hill on evangelical Protestant attempts to be hip:

Can't you see you're not making Christianity better? You're just making rock n' roll worse!
Or as P.J. O’Rourke put it in Holidays in Hell,

‘I found the Lord and lost my talent.’

Seriously, looking at recent history and my own people-watching experience over about 30 years, the generation before the baby-boomers were Pastor K desacralizing Western churches: ‘why Christianity must change or die’ as one famous apostate of that generation arrogantly put it. How many of them or the boomers practise Christianity of any kind now? Such put on the ‘Search’ weekend, guitars and all, for the RCs that I went on as well when I was 17, which I admit was therapeutic — God can use just about anything. But I’d already seen the Catholic religion in full flower (such as in this form) even though I didn’t understand much of it yet, so even though I’m far from perfect, the Lord hasn’t ended up in ‘that box’. For most of the ‘Searchers’ it was quite different after a couple of years and even sooner. Looking around at people my age and Generation Y as well, it seems He has ended up there for most of them.

So to the hip and ‘relevant’ Christians 30 years ago: thanks for nothing! As the bloggers at The Shrine of the Holy Whapping might say, ‘We was robbed!’

And speaking of evo-Prot faddishness, this has probably ended up in that box with the Prayer of Jabez and, for casual New Age consumers, not evos, the Celestine Prophecy:

Two funny options from Huw Raphael:

What would Journey do? (‘Don’t stop! Believin’!’)
Why waste Jack Daniels?

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