Saturday, February 26, 2005

From Conciliar Press’s blog via Fr Joseph Huneycutt
The goddess and the corruption of love
How the modern debasement of women and sex might be connected to the current interest in ‘goddess’ religion/gnostic theories about St Mary Magdalene/New Age ‘empowerment’ for women. It explains juxtaposed items in popular culture like The Da Vinci Code and the non-song I heard on ‘Saturday Night Live’ recently in which rapper* 50 Cent and some attractive young black woman called and responded about fellatio.

Put vulgarly, I admit, here’s the secular world’s swindle for women: Yeah, sure, baby, you’re a goddess, anything you say... now shut up and spread ’em.

Not eros as God intended!

*There is good rap by talented people. (Can you rhyme and do word play like that?) This wasn’t it.

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