Tuesday, February 22, 2005

From The Gutless Pacifist
On a phenom that’s been parodied in The Onion. A real-life example:

Stop the presses: cute white woman abducted

Writes TGP’s Pen:

My standard response to these stories -- Why is it news when a young attractive white woman is abducted -- but not news when a young black woman is attacked, killed, or abducted?

Is 'Amber' of 'Amber Alert' a white girl?

Of course it doesn't make this story any better -- still tragic. But how many tragic stories do we not hear because the victims have the wrong skin color?

From somewhere Trevor Huddleston is smiling on you, Pen.

But to be fair, black-on-white crime in the States such as the Wichita massacre* a few years ago is underreported in the name of political correctness: the awful Marxist notion that if a people have been oppressed they can commit crimes with impunity for revenge, thus blacks can’t be racists**. Which is rubbish of course. (Which is why, for example, Fr Huddleston opposed using violence in the early days of the anti-apartheid movement.)

*I am a 99 per cent disbeliever in death sentences but those lads deserved it.

**Somewhat like the feminists Patrick Arnold describes, who have no use for Our Lady and may actively dishonour her but their misandry makes them believe that every woman was conceived immaculate whilst men (hmph!) bear the stain of original sin.

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