Monday, February 28, 2005

LRC picks
Defend academic freedom
By Lew Rockwell
Of course there’s objective truth but as at least one Catholic academic who reads this blog and often comments here knows well there is a difference between catechesis and the university where all points of the catechism are taken apart and debated.

Global schoolmarm
By Charley Reese

On Hunter Thompson and the ’60s
Romanticized baby-boomer stuff: the hippies were wrong about a lot of things (explained a bit by the article linked below this one), largely because they shared their parents’ alienation from God and his truths, but they had a point.

Heresy is the intellectual vengeance of a suppressed truth.
- Vernon Staley

Thompson and Pope John Paul II compared
Sounds a little like RC neocon/house-organ treacle but again it has a point.

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