Monday, February 14, 2005

What Asperger syndrome is like
I think more of us are much less conventional in how we display our being "geeks", usually don't dress the part, don't vibe the part, but are often times a). fundamentally very different from other people in ways that are much more straight from the center of who we are and b). our trajectory really annoys people for reasons that are usually commended in NTs*. In a sense it's the difference between being a bookworm and being the person that's too driven or who people just can't relate to. Not to say that one's mutually exclusive of the other, I just get the sense that they're more independent than most people would think.
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A punto. A lot of us don’t look like anoraks/trainspotters or act like the Rain Man. It’s more subtle — and more accurate — than how I described AS. I’m sure you can imagine how hellish a.) is when you don’t know about AS — you get demonized or demonize yourself.

*Neurotypical people, what those in the autism-spectrum world call normal people.

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