Thursday, March 31, 2005

America to sink namesake warship as target
This isn’t a pacifist blog — I see the place of the military for defence. There is something beautiful about a lot of artisanship from old cars to warships, and while they are dwarfed by supertankers, aircraft carriers (which I’ve seen up close) approach awesomeness.

I hate waste, and the fact that it’s now more profitable to sink old ships than scrap and recycle them reminds me of what I went through two years ago when my old Mitsubishi car finally died after 150,000+ miles. Its value: nil!

That said, considering that in this exercise no-one gets killed so no real harm is done, there is something, well, fun about sailing a big ship by remote control, like a real version of those radio-controlled toys, and it sounds like the ex-America will have a spectacular finish like something out of a Roland Emmerich movie.

The tests remind one of the sign of things to come after World War I when US Gen. Billy Mitchell proved that air power was the way of the future by having some of his bombers sink stationary target ships like the captured German battleship Ostfriesland.

Now they can do this more realistically with moving targets.

P.S. In 1967 the America was in the area when the USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli forces.

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