Friday, March 25, 2005

Atheists convene (This link should work through the 30th March.)
People have the right to be wrong.

The faith can take it.

Fair take on Madalyn Murray O’Hair:

Murray is often credited with putting atheism on the map — she was a major figure in the fight over prayer in public [US state] schools* — but she's also blamed for personifying a negative stereotype. Murray was a veritable leftist caricature: vulgar, litigious, conceited and shrill.
But the giveaway is here:

Rulon-Miller is piqued by Christmastime ("I hate walking around, seeing all the Jesus stuff").
So unlike Orthodox Jews (search the blog for the relevant link), practising Muslims and other reasonable and mature people you want to take away my right to practise, the flip side of the First Amendment.

*Regarding public schools in the UK sense it’s worth remembering that they originally were Catholic and charities: Eton is still officially the College of Our Lady of Eton and was set up to teach poor boys!

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