Friday, March 25, 2005

Eastern churches
Construction starts on new Ukrainian Museum in New York
Jointly blessed by Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox (US) bishops

Of course most people in the Ukraine who go to church, probably a minority of the population, belong to the Church of Russia.

I’ve been to the existing museum — there’s not a whole lot to it! The most memorable part was being outside the building after it closed for the day explaining (using Russian) to an old man with a huge goiter that it had just closed!

From David’s Daily Diversions
Apparently those Eastern Orthodox using the Gregorian calendar are celebrating Lady Day today, its usual date in that calendar, displaced this year in the Roman Rite by Good Friday (see entry above).

Many thanks, everyone, for the 51,000+ visits to this blog since this day last year.

Turks go Orwellian on Armenian history
Turkey not only refuses to recognise that Armenians lived in Anatolia for thousands of years, it refuses to even recognise the adjacent rump of Armenia which devolved from the Soviet Union. As far as the Turks are concerned there are no such people as Armenians, past or present. If the Turks can't eradicate all of them through genocide, they can at least pretend that they have.

The Turks seem to have a bizarre lack of collective self-esteem. They think that they can bully their way into re-writing history and even the history of science so as to justify their deeds past and present.
Armenia (Hayastan) is the world’s oldest Christian country (the Roman Empire was the second one).

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