Monday, March 21, 2005

Eastern churches
From Dave Brown

Tradition shopping
I admit the title is problematic. Isn’t such ‘shopping’ antithetical to tradition? The word implies instability and dilettantism or at least condescension from the writer towards the traditions being described.

It’s a possible weakness, something jumped on years ago by a very strange fellow who trolled* Eastern Catholic message boards, a liberal ethnic born Ruthenian Catholic who hated the traditionalist refugees who now form a pillar of ‘his’ church, both those who remain Roman Rite at home and — he especially hated these latter people — those who honour, adopt and defend the rite including its restoration removing these churches’ self-latinizations, who become high-church восточники. People who are stable and definitely not faddish.

Such ‘shopping’ should be the exception but is an option especially in today’s religious-liberal miasma. These churches of the Orthodox and other traditions of the Christian East are sturdy refuges from that miasma for the Catholic-minded.

BTW yesterday’s liturgical texts (for the first Sunday of Great Lent) in the Orthodox tradition are an in-your-face rejection of modern religious iconoclasm, celebrating the Catholic doctrine defined by an œcumenical council (Nicæa II) defending and restoring the use of images (in its most developed form, icons) in worship.

*In the online world, literally, through sock-puppetry which included impersonating other people.

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