Friday, March 18, 2005

From blog member Samer al-Batal
More instability for Iraq as US ambassador departs

Samer wrote all of the following:

International gay pride parade planned for Jerusalem

A majority of Jerusalem's more than 600,000 residents are either Orthodox Jews or Muslim or Christian Palestinians, traditional communities that oppose homosexuality.
I can’t imagine this sick trash happening in the bordering countries, but what else is to be expected from a colony of the secular West which embraces the culture of death and possesses no qualms about making it sprout in the Middle East?

[Protestant religious right who support ‘those righteous Israelis’, call your office. People have the right to be wrong but point taken.]

Happy Feast of St Joseph in advance to Roman Riters.

On St Joseph’s paternity
This Remnant article includes an excerpt from the reflections of 18th-century French Bishop Bossuet of Meaux, which makes a foray into the topic of suffering and the saint’s worries, misfortunes, and trials.

Some noted differences between East and West:

I am not sure how strongly the tradition of St Joseph’s virginity is stressed in Western Christianity, which is characterised by a much stronger devotion to Christ’s adoptive father, but Eastern tradition is disposed to seeing him as a widower — and a father with biological children (the brethren of the Lord) — who became St Mary’s husband when he was already at an advanced age, and already a sheikh, a view supported by a number of Church Fathers.

Another difference can be seen in how the article extols St Joseph as the highest saint and patron after the Mother of God, whereas amongst the ranks of intercessors, the East views St John the Baptist as the primary candidate after St Mary.

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