Friday, March 18, 2005

From Forum 18
Byelorussian authorities cut electricity to charismatic church
A Schadenfreude part of me says this but seriously this blog supports religious liberty and not uncharity. Yet at the same time we ask, ‘Как сказать по-русски Yankee, go home?’

Kazakhstan: Guilty verdict for Protestant dance teacher
For promoting Christianity in that Muslim land. Again, despite the joke above, he may well be a kind of martyr.

Burning Baptist literature in Uzbekistan

On the ‘Orange Revolution’ in the Ukraine
Of course we are wary of ‘democratic change’ rhetoric but the important bit of news here is that Mr Yushchenko is abolishing the State Committee for Religious Affairs.

Row in Serbia over unofficial church building
I too question the government meddling but it seems the Catholic thing to do would have been for Fr Deacon Bojan (Богдан?) to go under the local Serbian bishop. Interestingly the deacon is under the Romanian Orthodox Church but has a Serbian-sounding name.

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