Monday, March 28, 2005

From The Gutless Pacifist
Comparing Easter to Christmas
Funny and spot-on quotation from Frederica Mathewes-Greene, a convert Orthodox priest’s wife. Liturgically in the Christian East there’s no question that Easter (still about a month away on the Orthodox calendar) is No. 1. (The Russians have nearly all-night services for it; not so with Christmas.) Turning a pagan winter festival into one celebrating the Incarnation (though really Lady Day, the Annunciation, commemorates that, especially as the Catholic faith is pro-life) was of course a good thing (only killjoy Protestants* and bitter atheists hate it historically) but what turns off secular people is that Easter has no greed to it, no ‘gimme’ aspect, as Pen’s (who if I read the blog rightly is a Methodist minister) posting elucidates.

Western popular culture is messed up about sex
Of course we disagree with the article that glorifying porn is a step up — actually it’s part of the same problem that’s being criticized — but agree that it’s very telling that people are only comfortable talking about sex if it’s trivialized through attempts at humour for example. (The other side of that, though, is jokes can take away any potential occasion of sin in viewing such things.) A phenom you see, in different but related forms, both in the US and the UK.

*The Puritans (see LRC today for a little about Cromwell) banned it when they ruled England and in their American colonies — it was largely unknown in Congregationalist New England until well into the 1800s.

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