Thursday, March 31, 2005

From The Washington Post
The real people behind the headlines:

From Fr James Tucker
The Prince of Wales...
This is Charles in one of his most cherished roles: champion of the English countryside and the people who live there. Away from the hothouse atmosphere of London, almost everyone he encounters is respectful, thrilled and honored to meet him. Two minders keep a small pool of journalists a safe distance from the royal presence. There are no tabloids, no Princess Diana fanatics, no rude anti-monarchists.

The announcement of his engagement and wedding has focused attention once again on the long-running national soap opera that is the 56-year-old prince's private life...

The relentless focus on these intimate details has obscured the prince himself, his life and his works. For nearly three decades, Charles has sought to carve out a public role for himself. He has emerged as a spokesman for traditional values, a rainmaker for charities, and a voice for those he deems voiceless. He has passionately promoted environmentalism and organic farming, questioned the wisdom of genetically modified crops and the ethics of stem cell research, defended Britain's Muslim minority, opposed a ban on fox hunting, opposed transforming the House of Lords into an elected body, and extolled back-to-basics education.
From Katolik Shinja
...And Terri Schiavo

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